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(Benefits of Gemstones Birthstones)

Emerald Gemstones Benefits (Panna Stone Benefits)

Emerald Gemstones Benefits (Panna Stone Benefits)

Emerald Gemstone (Panna Stone) is basically related with mercury (Budh) planet. It gives positive results to those who have weak position of mercury planet even it improve communication skill read more...

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Benefits (Neelam Gemstone Benefits)

Blue Sapphire Gemstone (Neelam Stone) is Precious gem of the corundum family, Blue Sapphire cool bluish color appearance is parallel to its feature and benefits. Color ranging from very light to very dark Blue or violet blue and in various shades of blue it has benefits in various ways. It is known to bring in good luck, gain in wealth, mental peace,and problem resolution, an opportunity and promotion in work read more...

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone Benefits (Pukhraj Gemstone Benefits)

The most enduring and alluring Yellow Sapphire gemstone (Pukhraj Stone) forms in many colors than just the amazing one is legendary yellow. Each color always exhibits its own amazing metaphysical properties and attractive vibrational patterns, yet all are famous as the Stones of Wisdom read more...

Ruby Gemstone Benefits (Manik Gemstone Benefits)

Ruby Gemstone (Manik Stone) popularly known as gemstone of Sun, Ruby is known to be the king of the Zodiac. It is pinkish Red to deep red gemstone and a variety of corundum. It has the power to bestow vital energy and positivity to the wearer read more...

Red Coral Gemstone Benefits (Moonga Gemstone Benefits)

Red Coral Gemstone (Moonga Stone) is the gemstone of planet Mars or Mangle-Graha and is used for pleasing Mars. One of the best benefits known is its healing power; it helps skin ailments like boils, acne and wounds to recover faster. It is well known that people having Manglik dosha in horoscope suffer from unmanaged interpersonal relationships and it is believed that red coral has a wonderful positive effect on these relationship problemsty read more...

Hessonite Gemstone Benefits (Gomed Gemstone Benefits)

The Hessonite Gemstone (Gomed Stone) is also known as “Gomed” stone. It has varied regional meanings as it is also famous as Gomedh or “Gomedak” in Sanskrit language read more...

White Sapphire Gemstone Benefits (White Pukhraj Gemstone Benefits)

White Sapphire Gemstone (White Pukhraj Stone) is a natural gemstone with an excellent transparent colour and shining. Known as the gem of planet Venus, it has diamond-like features and appears similar to it. White sapphire has many beneficial features and is considered to promote wealth, health and luck read more...

Iolite Gemstone Benefits (Neeli Gemstone Benefits)

Wearing of Iolite gemstone solve the finance problem as well as it make body healthy by protect from bulk of diseases more...

Pearl Gemstone Benefits (Moti Gemstone Benefits)

Pearl Gemstone (Moti birthstone) is the most beautiful gem. It is considered as the gemstone of the lord Moon. In common context, everyone can wear it as a beautiful ornament read more...

Opal Gemstone Benefits (Opal Gemstone Benefits)

Opal Gemstone (Opal Stone) enhances the name, fame and artistic quality and enhances sexual power of thewearer. The person who wears Opal also has a luxurious life. read more...

White Topaz Gemstone Benefits

White Topaz Gemstone has a powerful energy that always helps you to substitute all kind of negativity with love, peace as well as joy. This is also a strong and perfect healing stone, as they will help those who feel themselves as listless and who are feeling quite low and in need of little extra energy more...

Amethyst Gemstone Benefits (Jamunia Gemstone Benefits)

Purple Amethyst Gemstone (Amethyst Stone) has been extremely esteemed throughout the ages for its everlasting beauty and extreme powers to stimulate and soothe both the mind and emotions read more...

Citrine Gemstone Benefits (Sunela Gemstone Benefits)

Citrine Gemstone (Sunela Stone) has been extremely popular for many of the years and is also used to be revered for its rarity, though that has altered with passing read more...

Turquoise Gemstone Benefits (Firoza Gemstone Benefits)

Turquoise Gemstone (Firoza Stone) is one of the oldest protection amulets which is famous as a perfect symbol of wealth in numerous ancient cultures. This gemstone resembles strength, and protection from all kind of harm, psychic sensitivity and in connection to the spirit read more...

Tourmaline Gemstones Benefits

Tourmaline Gemstone promotes a sense of power and self-confidence, allowing for a clearer, more objective view of the world. One of Tourmaline's most distinguishing properties is its ability to become electrically charged simply by heating or rubbing it.

Aqeeq Gemstone Benefits (Hakik Gemstone Benefits)

Aqeeq Gemstone guards against danger, wearers work with alert and temperate nature. It ultimately brings prosperity, happiness and long life. Careers are enhanced and one’s health is improved. Also known to protect against rivalries and jealousy, Aqeeq is good to use for overall stability in life.

White Coral Gemstone Benefits (White Moonga Gemstone Benefits)

White Coral Gemstone (White Moonga Stone) symbolizes spiritual and elevated love forever. It also exemplifies purity, which in results pure devotion. It gives birth to divine fire and ultimate purification. Wearing a White Coral fills the life of wearer read more...

Aquamarine Gemstone Benefits

Aquamarine Gemstone is beneficial for shy and introverts and who hesitate in communicating as it makes them gain confidence and brings a change in their personality. Wearing this stone may reduce anger and stress in your life bringing in new positive energies and self healing.

Garnet Gemstone Benefits

Garnet is considered a lucky stone, for love, success, and for business relationships. It helps you let go of old behaviour patterns and boosts self-confidence. Garnet is said to be a stone of protecting against and success with lawsuits.

Diamond Gemstone Benefits (Zircon Gemstone Benefits)

Diamond (Heera) is considered to be associated with planet Venus and people having weak positioning of Venus in their horoscope may go for wearing diamond for positive influences. People with strong positioning of Venus benefit from comforts and luxuries of life such as wealth, glamour, happiness, beauty read more...

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